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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 6  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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a says mor rs a a needed thatat help fmcity col throroh tax llars...but a woman close the muer v vtim beest t llta me thanan lice officer to solve ts prlem. revere margaret redmond remembers thgo times with devin cl din was this set, kiki, betifu generous peon. the e news that clwas guedwnef ned. :12 sot:t:ot vin, not d din at's what t was saying as s dressing uto goo the e hospital. she' wants s e violence t/t stop... and pu county district attorney ff tner ys he e s a rtial soon. :28 t:hat needs to be done is the passage of a half centntaleseses with regard to public safet he & ntnttobring in at least
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fifirs rouoh this tax.e so wants the ty councnc focus moreren public safet: you u ve tve a safe community before the rest of the amenities coco forward. :47 stand up: puebloity uncisa public safety its main priorit but so arere and other r ininstructure. :54 sot: if you dodot take c ce of your commumuty it bes a a hatat fomore crime and olence. counl president steve6 nawrocki says more cops can't stop all senseless violence. sot: more pice officersan'tcombathat. but chchtner feels more firs on the streets can show thth pueblo wowot tolera im sot:i think e meage can be sentnthat you u ll bebeaught and you u ll prpruted. as for dmdmd, shshshyh i i i going toto take the entire community coming togeth to prent otr person from gog through th same fate as den ark. chostner will esenenens ideas to city council metime in march. live in pueblo, carl winder, krdo newschannel 13. a memorialal rvice is now set for the park counun sheriff's pu, shot and killed while serving an
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's sededed r r nday marc14thth mily, frnds anumitmeher onorrpor igthe e e e l@ cta a in the morni.. theaithib chap on rd road in va. weo o ve anpdate e e he twotr rs unund in that atta. master patat dedety k kbymas ill in e e spit .buhe's movet of nsca. caairk ock bate reng a lob ngn n n n ds guiy to ringisbasitt inta xu retion b rit made h hn cocot y. ac f pervedprabtoe riri poce s d hicortney,h sought out t t 14 year-olgirl for a se d ofd ke h "sisr wife." cortney rahricht will arraigned on march 7th. taking a look outse with thath fire danger tay... no fires around her toy... butut ers in aura had a pretty scary blaze on ththnds for a
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fireteurnrd near daonnd vava, uttiwn dton for timeatate undontr his ho . to chiefef teorologt t rachl plat. pwe could use somemrain snow to o lp with ts fire danger strong winin this afternoon ckedp the dangern southe colora, t thwis expect tdie down as s cold- front moves through tonigh tomorrow will be noceably cool, but it shou stay y y for most. i'i' show you how long these dry conditions will last coming up.
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ral s colodo to geral s given gree ght a pn ou ex selecspitit f fr. the move will exempt about 750-llion- llarin state hospal p tientfees from the taxpayer'sl of rights. its money at governor ckenlooper says wilhelp balance the statbudget attorn geral l nthicoffman ised opiniay g goor'sla erfect lel. s'sow kingt t llll reans who have opposed@ e fee chanke. nd a bill that would allow w colorado
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their r rdenis one closer r to being aaw. the e gave unanimo prov today. it now goes back to the state senate for approval. the propos allows you collect t to two rain bararls for a maxiof gallons of rain water. vernor hickenlooper says he will formally enenrse a surfund clclnup.. for 48 old miniites... that incncde the g/ld kg mn... the e e at stptoxi wastewater downstream to tprprpopr t pstates l su. pf thehe- a designates the ea a surfund si.. cleafup wostililbe months, y yrs away, ususof udd ng xcel e ergy hafiled it nenenenenebl enererlan wi thcolorado public utilities commison. the plan calalfor a doububububn 's's's of solalapopopoinin cololodo. . . thth transition wowowophphphinin ver r e e e e e e ree e ars. ouou add d d megawattof renewable- sourced power... enough for more tn 300- thousand homes a big piece of
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being split up by colora rports.... clulg a few t in hborho all, th state isiuing out two-int- seven millio doars collted thh avtionl tare southern colo apilney for@surfacing theiruaythe cotata rings airpir will receive a quarter million mr gnt unty abeman d d san isiw a,soet mey(( pulols ririra d t requt moneyty fr in y cision 2 2. .... our stats gearing up for super tuesday.. regigierer dededeats s s rereicics willll caucusacacaccocorado tototoow night. in el pasososol untytyinn sasasasasasasasususutersrsrenne da to o t out ththvovo. clininn susuororrs theyeyove he exririce a asience. we t tked d sasaerwh juju dropped out of college in new mexico.. andjoined the . budded s s coulnonoonger afafrdt fouay.y. instead of ttg a job,b,ded i nehelp rnie get elected. s s es n nuit,odknkn t
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f for usns doclcle tomorrow nigh yoyomust be in at your locaon bthen to cauaus. corados onof aut a zestates titi in the minationon eses torrow. yocan find your caucus locas and more inrmatn at just click on the hotot button. nevelet it be sa that t e dalalamamas nono a n of word.... tibet's iritual leer hahaconfirmed a led visit t the unerf colorara in ulder. last year, he had to cancel his visit to illness... doctors advised him to get more st. he's also o cefely reveed that he is batating ppostata issues. e dalai lama's visit has beenrescheduled fofo 23rd. deils e pending. two big names are teaming up to build more homes for deserving families... m & go isn it's third yea partneringngith
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theye collectingngng dodotions from cucuers an natingng ttion of bottd water sales. hope tocreate more e scene e e one.e.a a w homeme dedecation in lorado ring its s phenal feeling of community panership knowing that we are leadg our lives as we've been taught to helpne anotr, to believe in one anothe and say you ... let' kum go i gingngo raise at least 210-thoundnd dollars for habibit this year. thth've e ready donatede more thaone- milliollars s over theheife of thehpanehip.& still c ce here o newschnel 13 at six ... e olymcs? whenhe de yore on onoy arar... . look intthe reons for leap and its coming u on decisisn time for denver bronco f fe we'l'lhave the latest as the team tri to
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ififou'v'v calelearay yoyoprobably\& tjced something a little different. it's l lp day. new at six, stormtmtck 's zay p p tells u why we have leap y... anexplains y today may push back spring a bit. every four ars, thd gege the same estion out this special day on the calendar. :02 "wgea couple of kids
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why are wewe dog this and what'st for.' the reason for this extra y is alalabout science.@.@.@. 00:30 "itas the eah 365.242 dayso go aroroe sun." overime, that all fractiono6 a a a addd up, mamama the extra danecess whetheheit's a ap year r not for asasomers spring aays arrives a ound march 21st...thankto a lendarng madedeore an 400 yes ago. 00:55 "over long period of timehat was goininto be too many days in n e calendar. so they adjustedt 00th the gregorian cacandar."ere's ananher terestinininct t leapay... standup "thehe's another wiwi andndprinthat celrate as meteologts... teorololical sprinin anananat's deled by a y becacae of lea day." it's someing that's t as well know.. 02:53 "i'm not even going to noce." but whher 's torrow or in three weeks, me @eople ready for spring 02:40 "bececse t t leaves s srt turning green again and the grs...u knowyou have to de with some rbuthat ok." ring is coming, 4 ong wi thehe usual swin in colodo weather.n lorado springs, j polol krdodo newschannel 13.
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leap yea.. it can resest in me u uque hdhd cebratio.... there's evev a me f f peoe e like bri lls.s.who was rn on februa 29th. apesinchitruebida don't come arry year. you coul argue he's eight day. i joke around being 8 all the time.i'm a kid at heart, hg a a leap year birthdayays kind ofofun for me. it keepme yohfhf. and there will no shortage tftfeap year babies i ie e yeyes to come. littleleanpa ecketo the world bright anearly.y. mang himhe rst lele yea babybyorn in the springs. d the fit ild for oud rents brooke and nick. ngralatitis
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new tonight on krdo wschananl at 10 o'clock. dry and windy condidns dominated most ofeby. but we also saa big storm hit our area. so what does the weather have in ore as we head in spring? we're looking
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the e nd i expected to die down, but it
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for long... i' expln coming up. the nd wl die dodoonight allolong mperates$& dropa cold fnt moves through overnight,t,ndnd that will keep ghs slightht oler tomorrow. it will be mostltl cloudy throughout the day, but it should stay dry o&o tuesday. your cocolololo ring7d recast s sws much warr wehe wednesda but thill me th a lot of wind! your puebloday focasthows 70s on wednesday and
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temperatures in theh70s by sunday.pyour tellfrntntnt 7d forecas shows s in the 40s and 50s r the next seven days w wh a ce for showers on friday andnd
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that the ckies train in a plple that mo oa cotry clubub& than a plala to t rey for a 162 game season... tulo told the usa todaytoday ate likes the blue jays spring traing facility because the ckies facility was like a unclub and th playe got comftae meaning soft us was ice.e.alt wiess disagrgrs.. our guys ara ntally ugh compe yeah i have no issue with our guys being soft our cocotry clubbish our gu are the opposite of that. one way or another von mills ababt @ toeceiei a big paday .. the deadline for team slap the frchise tag onlayeye is tomorrthe broncos will re than likely place th frchise ll w mes s ptill makemin llararne ar but it will
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brons tit) ly 15thtto negotiatatatlo term meal with the bowlwl mvp.. i mean if you look at last year was a frchise tag year as well it was c cact year a lot o uncertainty gogog on i've ver bebe a fnchise before can't really s s don't want to be a franisdon't want to do ts i want to be with the nver broncos. avs made so moves today`to irove their chchces at lockin aplayf ot in western conferce.the y traded alex uay,y,y, former fir round drt pickck connor bleleley the azona coyotes.. e coyotetete sentnthehevs mikkel bod-ker boedkeke....he was sbona' third adg scorerfr the avs also traded a third round draft pick to the new jersey vils for defensem ec gelinas.. e eitinto get someone boedker's caliber he'sood d kircn arraraer as wl so we have that connnntit's s extingt a player ohis car no d dbt e relar
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for the aifofo hohoey team.mnonothey@y have t t ncaa tonament in their sigh.. the fly guys have earned the nuer two seed d ininir cocoerence tourmentwhich mes s that theheare e eaomti f... the schedule t ts week for the foe...bye. i;m going to give yoyoguartee bye e s no chance agaib us this ekend thfans out there don't evenen bother getting a titiet for sunday cause we are going to take of bye on friday andnd saturday wre going to send them away send ck to where they came from." as y y allllnow it's a leap ar t tre are 29 ys sn n e momoh of februara...the air rce skball team wisheshe was e leap th yeaea air force hahaa pret good nth of feary ...they won four of seven games...tomorro w nighgh on march fit, the force wiwi play utah state.. i was s inking this morning i was going to crosout tomoow 3 1 and put 2/29 just for my own psyche no i`i` been pretty good
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lorado is capting colo tuesday... and colorado's cauces c c ay a key role. we'll l tch h` with the caidat. ll have your
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larry marr postthis pto to our fack k k page...
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off like sunrise over prospect
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>> it's the oscacs. >> wre anything can ha >> anythingananhappen. >> "e.t" with t winnn, partyng all nighlong. >> this is the os to be here is to be part of history. >> d l l l home oscar gold, whahat hihi mom told us. eveething you didn'tsee. >> only h h one eyebrow, so i drew it on for him. j-lawbksge. > us exusive photos of katy perry andndrlan bloom handndn hand. find out wherehohollzwood's hohotest new couple spent their osc weekend.


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